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Author portrait of T. L. OthaosWelcome to the website of T. L. Othaos, author of Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness (click for purchase info) and founder of Tenebrous Satanism.

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Dogmagianism: A better formulation of the enemy of Satanism?

Too often, one finds esoteric Satanists articulating “what is Satan the actual enemy of?” in an unproductive way. Our “enemy” is supposedly some conveniently-identifiable not-us group, e.g., Magians, Nazarenes, Clayborn, etc. Tenebrous Satanism contrarily contends that this fixation on monoliths is counterproductive. Having a “them” to lazily malign blinds us to maladaptive attitudes and behaviors that are the real problem. Instead, Satanists should recognize and oppose said attitudes/behaviors wherever they arise – including among ourselves. I associate these maladaptive attitudes/behaviors with what I call Dogmagianism. This post outlines some of its subtler manifestations.

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Round-up of 2023 blog posts

Time for my usual quick annual round-up of everything I’ve written in 2023.

It seems that the two most prevalent themes on the blog this year were i) baneful magick, and ii) reflecting on Satanism’s convergences and divergences with other religious and/or esoteric ideologies:

Baneful magick series

Satanism vs. other religions

  • Satanism and Buddhism: some interesting parallels
    You’d think they’d be fully opposite, and yet…
  • Satanism, Gnosticism and Kabbalah
    It seems to me that Gnosticism is one of the most opposed creeds to Satanism it is possible to devise. I don’t know then why some Satanists seem so keen on embracing Gnostic ideas. Especially insofar as the self-same Satanists are often vehemently anti-Kabbalah. “Pretentious anti-worldly body-hating philosophies are only cool so long as Jews aren’t the ones behind them,” guys? 😉 I’m not that quite that snarky in this entry, but seriously, I do think certain Satanists could stand to think harder about what’s going on here.
  • Commentary on the Tenebrous Creed
    Curious about what my book is all about? If you’re new on this page, this is a good entry to read along with What is Tenebrous Satanism?
  • Is Theistic Satanism an inherently right-hand-path religion?
    A consideration of multiple definitions of “left-hand path” and “right-hand path”. A key point this entry makes is that theism itself need not be inherently right-hand-path. Vs. If you think that it is, you may yourself be possessed by unacknowledged right-hand-path assumptions re: the only possible relationship a person can have with a god is a servile one, as opposed to relating as equals, allies, etc.

Other entries

Closing thoughts

This has been what I’d consider an especially good year from me, with the minor exception of health issues plus work obligations getting in the way of promoting Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness quite as aggressively as I’d have liked for the last few months. I anticipate things improving on that front in the new year, though!

As always, my thanks to everyone who has supported me on this blog, on Facebook and on X as my journey continues…

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Baneful magick with the Nekalah, part 1

Something I’ve increasingly been thinking this blog could use is more of my personal gnosis re: the Nekalah. Toward that end, this entry shares some thoughts I have on working baneful magick with these entities. There will be three entries in this sub-series: 1) Nekalah who I’ve known to be quite keen on baneful magick, but only in specific circumstances; 2) Nekalah who, despite being entities of Darkness, nonetheless lean toward solving problems in a non-baneful manner; and finally, 3) Nekalah who might plausibly described as specialists in malice. This entry will discuss those I class in the first category: Aosoth, Baphomet, Darkat-Lidagon, Davcina, Noctulius and Velpecula.

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A final update for Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness?

Up to the publication of Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness, I’d been posting updates on book progress every six months. I haven’t decided yet whether to continue this pattern in connection with future projects. I do however want to post a “final” book update, now that it’s been out for a couple months. For one thing, I thought I would share a few thoughts on how the launch period has gone so far. For another, several aspects of my work I’d like to hear more feedback on than I’ve received so far…

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Is Theistic Satanism inherently a right-hand-path religion?

It’s not unusual for me to cross paths online with folks who think Theistic Satanism “isn’t left-hand-path.” Unfortunately, I do think Satanism and theism sometimes come together in way that resembles a right-hand-path religion. This post will discuss what that looks like… and also what it doesn’t look like. i.e. Can a Satanist be both a theist and left-hand-path?

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Baneful magick: alternative options?

Putting baneful magick on the table as an option, in my opinion, comes with an attendant responsibility. On one hand, yes, I do think circumstances arise in which one is within one’s rights to resort to it. But whether that is the best choice for the situation and in true accord with one’s goals is another question. What this entry will therefore discuss is alternative options to consider before or in place of baneful magick. Not because baneful magick is “wrong,” but because sometimes it is impractical or even self-destructive.

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Commentary on the Tenebrous Creed

For awhile now, I’ve noticed a number of Satanic creeds in list format being posted on social media. These sorts of posts do strike me as an effective way of introducing unfamiliar people to various forms of Satanism. I therefore thought, why not do one for Tenebrous Satanism? The material this post covers can naturally be found in a number of places on my website already. With Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness having now gone to print, though, the time seems right for a condensed introduction to the creed my book puts forward.

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Satanism, Gnosticism and Kabbalah: a few thoughts

In both left-hand-path circles generally and Satanic ones specifically, I’ve observed a certain enthusiasm for Gnostic ideas. While there are facets of this that do make sense, I find it a bit odd and troubling. Why? Because I see Gnosticism as one of the most thoroughly anti-worldly religions to have ever existed. And that is, to my way of thinking, the opposite of what Satanism is about – even a spiritual/esoteric Satanism. Yes, we esoteric Satanists do borrow, appropriate and repurpose ideas from many occult sources. But when I see people insisting Kabbalah is irredeemable, yet embracing concepts from Gnosticism, let’s just say, I have questions. This post will thus explore some intersections and clashes between Satanism, Gnosticism and Kabbalah.

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“Contemplation of the Nine-Angled Nexion” in Tenebrous Satanism

In light of the imminent publication of Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness, I thought I’d preview some of my material. This post will therefore give a taste of the Fifth Key’s meditation practices. The meditation I describe here is called “Contemplation of the Nine-Angled Nexion”. I’ll be explaining the background of that name, what the meditation is meant to do, and what it generally entails.

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