A final update for Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness?

Up to the publication of Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness, I’d been posting updates on book progress every six months. I haven’t decided yet whether to continue this pattern in connection with future projects. I do however want to post a “final” book update, now that it’s been out for a couple months. For one thing, I thought I would share a few thoughts on how the launch period has gone so far. For another, several aspects of my work I’d like to hear more feedback on than I’ve received so far…

Nine Keys final update

On the launch of Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness

A few interesting details from the last few months:

  • Nine Keys of Darkness’ official publication date was September 16, 2023. However, due to my misunderstanding of certain mechanisms on Amazon, it was actually available for a couple weeks before that. Despite no effort to have pre-orders or propagate links prior to that date, I still received a few sales. I get the impression these came from folks on Satanic Facebook groups, where I’d mentioned the book’s concept prior to finishing it, searching and finding it on their own initiative. Kind of a nice validation to be getting any sales at all whilst making no attempt at such!
  • Since release – i.e. in the last eight weeks – I’ve sold approximately 55-60 books total. About a dozen of these were hardcover editions sold in person. But the vast majority were via Amazon. Conclusion: alternative folks, quit your impotent whining about “capitalism” and just sell your shit on Amazon. 😉
  • The Amazon sales were, moreover, in nine different countries. I suspect that is fairly “normal” considering the way markets work nowadays. Nonetheless, this in combination with the number of sales did surpass my expectations, given the niche nature of the book.
  • I have only paid for advertising once so far. It was for one week on Facebook. I wouldn’t necessarily trace sales to it directly. But I’ve noticed since I ran it, my Facebook page’s followers have shot up closer to my X (Twitter) followers. That definitely exceeded my expectations given how dead Facebook tended to be for me prior to this. So I feel it was a worthwhile investment, whether I decide to repeat it again down the line or not.

On seeking further feedback on Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness

Feedback so far

Here’s what I’ve seen so far when it comes to reactions to my work:

  • A couple brief but very positive reviews on Amazon.
  • One lengthier review on a Facebook page, the Sinister Diabolist. These folks are, as far as I know, Niner-adjacent in a similar sense to myself – i.e., embracing the esoteric part of that current – so it has meant a lot to me to have received positive feedback from such quarters.
  • A short flurry of X posts screenshotting quotations from the book. The vast majority if not all were referencing the First Key. This leaves me with the impression that said part of the book has definitely resonated with other Satanically-inclined folks. Which is great to see!
  • Opportunities have arisen re: my being on someone’s podcast, and my book being carried by a black metal -oriented retailer. I haven’t had a chance to follow up on these yet (my apologies to those involved!) but I’m very glad to see the interest in any case!

Feedback I’d like to see

Due to recent day-job demands, I’ve not been able to push the book online as actively as I’d like. But a few things I’d like to see more of include:

  • Reviews for Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness on places other than Amazon – especially Goodreads.
  • Discussion of the book on blogs with a focus on esoteric Satanism or other left-hand-path spiritualities. I intend to work more actively to make connections going forward, but if anyone reading this is interested, please email!
  • More discussion, whether via social media posts or otherwise, of specific content in the book. I’ve listed some particular areas of interest for me here in the section that follows.

Feedback beyond the First Key?

Finally, I’m especially interested in what folks may offer on any or all of the following topics:

  1. The Second Key’s take on Dogmagianism. Do any folks read this and think “yes, those people are my social-political enemies too”? Thoughts on my advice regarding what to do / not do in response?
  2. The Third Key’s ethical theory. I have put forward a case for zeal, wisdom, honor, empathy and perseverance as “Satanic values.” Would you add or subtract from this list, or otherwise argue?
  3. The Fourth Key’s distinction between Tellurians, Celestials and Sinistrals. Does this classification of spirits make sense to anyone besides me?
  4. Meditation practices in the Fifth Key. Has anyone tried any, such as this one I described on this blog awhile back? Observations upon doing them or requests for clarification on how they work?
  5. Divination system laid out in the Sixth Key. I have used some version of this system myself for close to twenty years now. Is anyone else messing around with it yet?
  6. Ritual magick as described in the Seventh Key. People I’m close to who are knowledgeable about magick keep giving me high praise for this section in particular. What do other folks out there familiar with such practices think?
  7. The Eighth Key’s account of the Nekalah. Easily my top thing I wish to hear more about from anyone so inclined! On what points does my personal gnosis accord with others’ experiences? On what fronts is my experience of these entities most different from other Niners’? What do others feel are biggest blanks in the tradition re: info about these entities that I ought perhaps to investigate next?
  8. I figure it’s too early in the game to get reactions on the Ninth Key (initiation protocol). And yet, I am curious here too if any experimenting has begun…

Concluding thoughts

I’d once again like to thank any and all who’ve taken interest in Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness so far.

While I hope the book strikes a chord with like-minded people – i.e. if anyone decides to “convert”, please let me know! – I’m also interested in hearing from other perspectives. Especially cases where a person coming from a spiritually-different place still has use for certain ideas or practices of mine.

Any thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

And if you’ve read Nine Keys and have something to say about it, please consider leaving a review wherever you bought it from!

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