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Author portrait of T. L. OthaosWelcome to the website of T. L. Othaos, author of Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness (forthcoming in 2023) and founder of Tenebrous Satanism.

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Baneful magick: series introduction

Something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now is a series exploring the performance and implications of baneful magick. This includes such things as ethical considerations, metaphysical mechanisms, and rationales for recruiting one entity’s assistance rather than another’s. The current entry provides a tentative summary of some things I’ll be covering in that series.

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Round-up of 2022 blog posts

Here’s a quick round-up of everything I’ve written on this blog in 2022:

On magical praxis:

Other metaphysical stuff:

On Satanic ethos more generally:

A couple sources of inspiration…

…and a couple more personal entries

Lastly, a quick update:

Certainly there have been some bright spots this year, foremost being that my ever-ongoing string of synchronicities involving a certain black metal band has now wound up connecting me with an unexpectedly excellent consort. 🖤  In areas impacting my productivity, though, this has not been the best year for me.  Between having surgery, being ill no less than four times, and assorted work-related disruptions, many things have not gone as smoothly as I would have liked.

Nonetheless, on Xmas day I finished approving all changes that emerged out of the professional editing of Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness.  The main things still remaining to do are largely in such areas as formatting, cover design, and other such pre-publication errands.  I also have a certain amount of additional work to do now in rendering past blog entries consistent with stylistic changes I’ve made to the book – something I’ll be posting updates about on my social media as things proceed in the next while.

As I discovered during this last year, it is perilous to predict a release date when one hasn’t written a book before and hence lacks a full grasp of what all is involved.  At minimum though, I do badly want to get to where I would be able to announce a release date by August 2023, if not before.

As always, thanks to everyone who has supported me on this blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter as my journey continues…

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Alterations to unproductive Twitter usage

Recently, a build-up of personal issues compelled me to take a break from social media. In order to exorcise some related demons, I am going to say a few things about why. This is almost certain to alienate a few members of my audience. I do not think it’s healthy keep bottling my feelings indefinitely, though. And if I don’t now set different boundaries to control said feelings, my long-term goals may be aversely affected. So, to tie this discussion to this blog’s usual concerns, I will discuss a few of my convictions re: what contributes to a good human life as per virtues posited by Tenebrous Satanism, and my unwillingness to continue being demoralized by online experiences that oppose those convictions.

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How does magick “work” – and why might Satanic denominations clash over it?

How does Satanic magick “work”? I have enough background in Chaos Magick to consider this a non-urgent question – that it works is more the point. It occurs to me, though, that misunderstandings about magickal mechanisms may aggravate misconceptions Satanic denominations have about one another. Toward the end of addressing such issues, the current entry discusses the extent to which magick is “one’s own” power – i.e. how much of magick is the magician themselves “doing something,” vs. how much comes from an external entity/force/ etc.?

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On “past lives” and the possibility of reincarnation

I often cross paths online with esoterically-inclined folks – left-hand-path or otherwise – referring to past-life memories / experiences. This phenomena struck me as interesting to reflect upon in connection with Tenebrous Satanism’s beliefs re: spirits, the afterlife, etc. This entry therefore presents my general impressions on this topic, plus some gnosis I’ve received re: my own past lives.

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“Gods” vs “demons”: what do these terms mean?

A thread went around among LHP Tweeters awhile back, asking/speculating about the “god” vs. “demon” distinction. Unsurprisingly perhaps, my kneejerk response was “well, the entities I’m involved with are obviously both”. The topic is sufficiently interesting, though, that I thought it deserved lengthier reflection. Hence the blog post that follows.

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Another progress update on Nine Keys publication…

The last time I posted an update on Nine Keys of Abyssal Darkness was about six months ago. I therefore thought I’d say a bit about that here today. Doing so helps me take stock of where I’m at, in addition to satisfying others’ curiosity re: current progress.  There’s also some links to previous blog entries in here, for those who may have only started following recently…

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The dark Sufism of “The Black Path”

I mentioned previously that I was considering doing “I read this book, so that you don’t have to” -type posts. The current post is of this nature. Its focus is a book entitled The Black Path, which describes a supposed left-hand-path variant of Sufism. I’m under the impression there are controversies both with the group described therein, and the work itself. Regardless, I found many ideas in this book spoke to my own spirituality. Hence my desire to mention a few of them here.

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On “closed practices”

Having observed discourse circulating on Twitter re: “closed practices” for awhile, I thought I’d pitch my opinion on the topic. I do not by any means reject the concept as such – in some instances, it’s appropriate to apply. However, I have several concerns about how the concept is applied, and the implications of becoming overly hung-up on it.

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